SMS Testing is a National Institute of Justice approved lab offering repeatable testing meeting NIJ standard-0101.06 as well as 0101.07.

SMS Testing is a NVLAP, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited testing laboratory LAB CODE: 600351-0. We provides services in support of body armor and protective systems with state of the art facilities and equipment operated by unmatched, top level experienced personnel. Customer’s expectations will be met with professional level testing performance and reporting at a competitive cost and timeline.

We also offer testing on all other protective system commodities requiring small arms munitions.

Testing Specifications.

Small caliber testing ranges capable of firing munitions from .22 cal up to .50 cal.

4 Indoor ranges that meet velocity capture distance requirements and oversize sample handling and mounting.

Large armor sample testing capabilities. (Transparency, Vehicle doors, Steel, etc.)

Ballistic clay tracking/monitoring program to ensure consistency and calibration repeatability.

Mike Murray

Testing Ops Director
  • Mike started his ballistic career at Chesapeake Testing in 2006 and now in his 18th year has since acquired a deep understanding of what the industry wants and needs in a laboratory.

John Murray

VP Tech Ops
  • John started his ballistic career at Chesapeake Testing in 2008 and now in his 16th year of experience is bringing a passion for forward thinking and growth to the forefront of the company.

Ken Murray

Quality & Safety Manager
  • Ken Murray started his ballistic lab quality management career in 2009 at Chesapeake Testing. For 12 years he has accrued expertise in quality assurance, safety and audit management to help reach optimal accreditation levels.

Jim Murray

Founder & CFO
  • Jim started his ballistic career at H.P. White laboratory in 1983 and now has 40 years of experience in all aspects of protective equipment testing and become a highly respected name in the industry.

Jim Murray

Mike Murray

John Murray

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